Search or Filter


The search bar is a good way to start looking for an item or product, if you want to capture all of the possible options.

Option One

Click on the search bar and enter your search term(s). If you search under ALL CATEGORIES,  your results will include ALL products in our entire website, that contain your search term in the title, or description.

Option Two

To narrow down your search, first select a category from the dropdown menu. Your search will include ALL products that contain your search term, within that specific category. See example below:


If you are searching for a specific product or service, using the filter method may be a quicker and more accurate option.

Step One: Start Filtering

Select either NEW Equipment, or USED Equipment and then click on the FILTER button at the top/left of the page. 
The Filter pop-out tab will appear.

Step Two: Refine

Select the filters you need from the three options (Brand, Product Type, Price).  You can select multiple check boxes, to narrow down your search.