Benro 3XS Gimbal Stabilizer w/ Saramonic SmartMic

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The Benro X Series 3XS with Saramonic SmartMic is a compact 3-axis motorized smartphone gimbal with a mic port and with an external mic included. The 3XS works with a companion iOS/Android app and supports most phones (with a 2 to 3.5" width). It also supports action cameras via an optional adapter (MFR# RAGP1). Although already compact, the 3XS is foldable into an even smaller form to more easily fit in your bag when you take it along on your travels, your filmmaking adventures, or just to have with you on regular days. The motors are also lockable so there's no movement at the three axes while the gimbal is in your bag.

The gimbal features a 3.5mm TRRS mic port on the handle and comes with a Saramonic SmartMic. You get to record audio externally for higher-quality sound but it conveniently gets recorded directly to your phone. The SmartMic is an ultra-compact directional condenser microphone that captures the sound in front of the mic while rejecting sound from other directions. Featuring an integrated swivel and built-in shockmount, it can be pointed in the direction you want while compensating for unwanted vibration and the resulting unwanted noise, and this allows you to use it successfully while you're in motion with the gimbal, such as when running behind your subject.

At the press of a button, the smartphone holder can be switched between horizontal and vertical orientations without any rebalancing required. For certain social media platforms, the vertical orientation would be most ideal. Gimbals are known to have long battery life but the 3XS pushes the limits with up to a 24-hour runtime on its built-in batteries. Moreover, it provides a couple of options for charging your phone off the gimbal battery during shooting if the phone gets low on power. You can plug your phone directly into the gimbal using the included iPhone or Android charging cable or, via a Qi wireless charging pad built into the gimbal, select phones can be charged wirelessly.

Operational modes include Universal Follow, which keeps your subject in the center of the frame as you circle about with the gimbal, and Locked Down mode, which is for dynamic panning movements. The companion smartphone app allows you to make adjustments to the settings of the 3XS and also offers tools for face and object tracking, capturing panoramas and time-lapse sessions, and more. The gimbal features several onboard control buttons and allows you to customize them to preference, and this is also easily done via the app. The face tracking function, for example, can be set to activate at just the press of a button.

The 3XS features a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole on the bottom for attaching a tripod or other support underneath, and a mini tripod comes included. The mini tripod can be used to let you shoot hands-free when, for example, shooting time-lapse sessions, but it can also be used as an extension handle to give you more control of the gimbal in certain applications.

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