Fuji FP-100c Color Instant Film

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The FujiFilm FP-100C Instant Color Film for professionals is 85 millimeters by 108 millimeters. Capture your shot, and pull the developing photo out of the front of the camera. The peel-apart design ensures that your photographs have the right exposure to the light before you view them. Peel or remove the top sheet of paper to view the final image. This product has been discontinued by FujiFilm, making it more desirable than ever for nostalgic photographers who are interested in that vintage look and feel. Though FujiFilm stopped producing this film, photographers and camera enthusiasts will appreciate still being able to find what they need to work with their cameras. The FP-100C instant color film has an ISO rating of 100. This refers to its light sensitivity. A lower rating means that it has a lower light sensitivity. The ISO rating can also relate to the graininess of the finished product. With a 100 rating, your instant images will have higher production values with less graininess and sharper contrasts. Each FujiFilm pack comes with enough paper for capturing 10 images. You will have enough to test your shots before taking a final image. As FP-100C has a rich color saturation, you may notice crisper and sharper images.

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