Mamiya 645 Pro AE Prism Finder with Crack on Corner

Sale price$139.99


This is a Mamiya 645 Pro AE Prism finder which is a great accessory for this camera. The auto-exposure part of this works as an aperture priority meter which means you set the aperture and it will then set the shutter speed. It also will allow you to meter in the spot, average, or auto shift position. In the auto shift position, it changes from spot to average if it detects more than a stop and third exposure difference. It also is as accurate as 1/6th of a stop.

This finder is in excellent working condition but does have a crack on the corner as you can see in the images.  It also has some tape on the sides for whatever reason that I am not sure of.  I do know that it works fine and connects solidly to the camera.

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