Pentax AF-360FGZ Flash


Sale price$69.99


This Pentax AF-360FGZ shoe mount flash is in excellent condition.  It has been tested and works perfectly.  

It features compatibility with Pentax's P-TTL automatic flash exposure system and offers wireless master & slave TTL functionality. Also, the unit has a guide number of 119' at ISO 100 and 85mm as well as a good 35mm equivalent zoom range of 24-85mm, expandable to 20mm with use of the built-in panel. The flash head can even tilt from -10 to 90° for bounce capabilities.

In addition to standard wireless triggering, the AF360FGZ features a contrast-control sync mode that enables the setting of ratios for multiple flash units. This enables users to achieve their ideal final lighting setup all from a single flash unit. The flash has an LCD panel along with an adjustment dial and buttons to control all of these settings and it has slow, high-speed, first and second curtain sync modes. Additionally, it runs on 4 AA batteries which provide a recycle time of about 6 seconds and comes with a case.

  • Built-in bounce card for creating catchlights

  • Auto power off

  • Four wireless channels and settings for master, control, or slave flash

  • Modeling light button discharges flash continuously for 1 second




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