Elinchrom Rotalux Strip Softbox 14x39 Inches


Sale price$154.95


With its unique long rectangular form factor, it's clear why the 14 x 35" Rotalux Stripbox from Elinchrom is a favorite of people, product, and fashion photographers. The shape is ideal for edge or side lighting a subject or product; using as a hairlight; or rendering long, elegant highlights on glassware and reflective objects. The softbox has an exterior white diffuser and an interior diffuser that can each be used alone for varying degrees of contrast, or removed for a punchy high contrast look. The Stripbox has a silver interior for maximum output and comes with a bag for storage and transport.

The Rotalux Stripbox is compatible with several accessories that are sold separely. Optional translucent deflectors can be used to bounce light to the back of the Stripbox, to remove the hotspot and further soften the light. An optional "strip diffuser", which is actually a mask, narrows the beam spread. A speed ring is required to attach the Rotalux Stripbox to your light. The spring-loaded sockets on your speed ring allow you to mount the support poles in untensioned sockets, then snap them into place, permitting it to rotate 360 degrees.




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