Elinchrom Soft Box Kit: 2-Portalite 26x26 Softboxes, 2-8 Foot Stands in Case

Sale price$149.99


Elinchrom Softbox Kit includes 2 Portalite 26x26 inch Softboxes and 2 Elinchrom 8 Foot Lightstands in the original case.

These kits are in excellent condition and will work with your lighting with an optional speed ring. (speed ring shown is not included) Elinchrom plastic speed rings are available for $14.99 each item number 254496136097

The softboxes are high reflective silver internally with flush-front diffusers. Contact us if you need speed rings for your particular lighting equipment.

WE SHIP IN 1 BUSINESS DAY and we package professionally. We are interested in BUYING your photographic equipment as well. We are Camera Exchange located in Waterford, Michigan.




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