Fujifilm GA645 Professional Medium Format Camera with 60mm f/4 - Film Count 9


Sale price$1,049.99


This is a Fujifilm GA645 Professional Medium Format Camera with 60mm f/4 with a Film Count of 9. 

This camera is in Excellent plus condition. It has been tested and all functions work as they should. It doesn't get any better than this! Imagine a compact, portable, sleekly-styled 6X4.5 camera that gives you all the standard benefits such as greater image sharpness, detail, and resolution. Got it? Okay, now imagine it with autofocus. Wait, we're not done! Now add three exposure modes and a built-in, pop-up, auto-exposure fill flash. Okay, here's the best part-you don't need to imagine any longer, it's real! FEATURES INCLUDE: Manual options for exposure and focus One-hand operation Automatic film loading and advance

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