Lumiquest Ready For Anything Kit


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The Ready For Anything Kit from LumiQuest combines numerous light modifiers and accessories for a comprehensive kit of items to control and color the light emanating from your hot shoe flash. The primary element in this kit is the ProMax System which includes an 80-20 ceiling bounce attachment and 4 inserts (gold, silver, white, frosted diffuser) to warm or cool your light and soften the effects of a speedlight flash by bouncing a majority of the light off of the ceiling. A sturdy touch fastener to hold the bounce unit on your flash is also included. In addition, the Ready for Anything Kit includes the FXtra gel holder and gel set. The gel holder can be attached rapidly and the assortment of gels include red, blue, and yellow special effects gels and green and color temperature orange (CTO) gels for balancing your speedlight with fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Lastly, the Ready for Anything Kit comes with the UltraStrap, a neoprene and touch fastener strap that will securely hold any light modifier to your flash unit with a constant 3 lb. tension. Its rugged and non-skid design is easy to attach and will keep accessories in place despite movement and moisture. All elements of the Ready for Anything Kit are designed to be compatible with all standard flash units and storage pouches are included for the ProMax System and FXtra.

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