Mamiya RB67 Pro S Kit with 127MM F3.8 C, Pros S 120 Back, and WLF


Sale price$699.99


This is a Mamiya RB67 Pro S Outfit. It includes the Pro S Body, 127MM F3.8 "C" Lens, 120 Pro S Film Magazine, & Waist Level Finder.

The Mamiya RB 67 became one of the most famous camera systems because of its quality and the 6X7 Format which makes the negative about 5 times larger than 35mm. The RB part is one of the most exciting features of this camera system which means the back rotates so you do not have to move the camera to take a vertical or horizontal framed image.

This kit is in excellent working condition and it shows normal wear. Focus is smooth, shutter and advance lever is smooth, and bellows is light-tight. The lens is also in excellent condition as it shows no dings, no scratches, no fungus, no haze, and no separation. The shutter is accurate and strong.  Comes with Lens Hood, dark slide, and lens cap.

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