Promaster Traveler + Charger for most Panasonic Batteries


Sale price$39.95


Charges Panasonic Batteries: CGA-S001, DMW-BCA7, CGA-S002, DMW-BM7, CGA-S003, CGA-S004, DMW-BCB7, CGA-S005, DMW-BCC12, CGA-S006, CGA-S007, DMW-BCD10, CGA-S008, DWM-BCE10, VW-VBJ10, CGA-S301, CGR-S101A, DMW-BC7, CGR-S602, DMW-BCF10, DMW-BCG10, DMW-BLB13E, DMW-BCH7, DMW-BCK7, DMW-BMB9, DMW-BCJ13, DMW-BLC12, DMW-BLE9, and DMW-BLD10.

WE SHIP IN 1 BUSINESS DAY and we package professionally. We are interested in BUYING your photographic equipment as well. We are Camera Exchange located in Waterford, Michigan. 



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