Sunpak Power Zoom 4000AF Flash for Minolta

Sale price$59.00


This is a new Sunpak 4000AF flash that was a display model at a camera store. It is designed for Minolta AF cameras. It is in perfect condition. It does not include the stand that is shown in the pictures.


This PZ-4000AF TTL Flash is designed for Minolta cameras with TTL metering with a guide number of 131' at ISO 100 and 80mm. Also, it has a zoom range of 28-80mm and will tilt upward 90° for bounce lighting. Manual settings are possible at full and 1/16 power and it has a recycle time of 0.5-9 seconds. Additionally, it supports first and second curtain sync and runs on 4 AA batteries.
Illuminated LCD panel
Autozooming head covers from 28 to 80mm in four positions
Power conservation mode
Rear-curtain sync
TTL, 1/1 & 1/16th power options

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